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144 KPOA is an abstract, conceptual space that invites a diverse selection of sound, visual, and performance artists to create intentional, visceral, and thought-provoking work through collaborative, incubation periods. This iteration, held at Reference Point 180, invites an extensive line-up of artists with something to say about the human body in relation to identity.

The human body is arguably the most multifaceted piece of technology owned. Bodies encompass so much more than bones, and muscle - they equally have the duty of carrying the elusive concepts of identity - concepts of race, gender, sexuality, class, and more are often discussed adjacent to the human body but how does the physicality of the body respond to this? How does the 2022 human reconcile these concepts with the physical body in a world that continuously pushes us to define who we are?

Reference Point is a library, bar, and bookshop space with an evolving and growing collection of rare books, ephemera, and printed matter focused on Post-War Radical Art, Architecture, Design, Fashion, and Culture. The library exists to create inspiration and conversation by providing creatives of all stages and disciplines with Reference Points for their projects.



Joseph Funnell (Performance Artist) - Live Performance

QOVOP (Musician) - Live Performance

Josh Woolford (Performance Artist) - Live Performance

Demi Gosh (Performance Artist) - Spoken Word

Moonchile (Artist) - Spoken Word

Alla Taha (Actress) - Spoken Word

Sam Oladele (Creative) - Spoken Word

Tytiah Blake (Casting Director) - Spoken Word

Obipslams (Poet) - Spoken Word

Chooc Ly Tan (Lecturer + DJ) - Spoken Word

Tumi Fani Kayode (Actress/Model) - Spoken Word

Eliza (Researcher, Writer, Activist) - Spoken Word

Divine Southgate-Smith (Artist, Writer) - Spoken Word

Jeanie Crystal (Artist, Director, DJ) - Spoken Word


This iteration of 144 is a curation led by Ijeoma Uzoukwu (Sasoraye).

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