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I am a multifaceted artist mostly exploring themes of self-actualisation in my practice. I aim to create portals by experimenting with sound, paint and graphic design. I enjoy making space for introspection through mind altering work, conceptually and aesthetically. I believe in expansion through experience and often discuss themes of astrology and metaphysics in my work. Post 2019 - I have decided to dedicate more time to my artistic practice.


As a DJ, I go by the name "Sasoraye" - enjoying the cross pollination of culture through sound - questioning, how are sounds we generally don't place together, more connected at their roots than we think". I play with genres ranging between Jersey Club, Footwork, Electronic, Afro-house, Garage + More. 


Higher National Diploma - Graphic Design
Barking College

Bachelor of Arts with Honours – Graphic Design for Advertising
University Of Arts London, London College of Communication


Meet The Artist - Black and White Gallery, April 2017 

This is the End - Candid arts Trust, 2019

Features & Articles 

Clash - Featured speaker in the BFI commissioned film by Amrou Kadhi, 2017

The Independant - Victoria and Abdul is another dangerous example of British filmmakers whitewashing colonialism

The Welcome Collective - Another Way To Listen  


"An invented language, an invitation. A drawing of connections through symbolic movement.


A path is carved and consecrated. Starting close, zooming out, viewed from different perspectives. Intuitive and layered - sometimes reactionary, sometimes expressive. 


This piece is formed through the ______ between the two artists. For Ijeoma sharing adopted practices from the last 2 years; for Josh engaging in yet undefined practices. Both coming from different ends and meeting in the middle, whilst establishing boundaries within oneself.


Tap tap tapping into

Tap tap

Ap ap ap




With Contra the audience fills in the _____."

Commissioned by Diaspora Now, CONTRA is devised and performed by Josh Woolford and Ijeoma Uzoukwu.

Live steam performance - 01/07/2021 - 16:00 GMT


"This project looks at my Covid-19 experience from a sonic perspective. The soundscape is a journey through varying thoughts, emotions and mental downloads observed during isolation. Here I consider influences such as media, planetary placements and music, relating them to what we are currently experiencing under the thumb of Covid-19.

       This experience comes with a question of what it is to be a Black Queer Woman during this pandemic, then in turn, what the future could look like for those who share my identity.

This soundscape/meditation aims to usher in understanding of our times and a balance through introspection. I also wrote a poem that features in the sound space. 

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April 2020

Cobalt cusp

Cobalt cusp is an idea inspired by the Piscean/Aquarian cusp of the zodiac. My research in cosmology leads me to believe that this is the cusp of divine femininity. Water being the conduite of spirt and the most feminine of the elements, it exists here in both Pisces and Aquarius. Aquarius is an air sign but the name suggests other wise - "Aqua" speaking to the watery nature that lives in this sign. I was born on this cusp and so feel a connection to the energy it emits. Many great calendars, e.g. The Mayan calendar claim

we are currently living through this cusp - The dawning of the age of Aquarius. 

          As a black woman I also feel a deep connection to this as I have heard once before "the next ruling energy of the planet is black woman". Blackness has always felt divinely feminine to me and the truth of this sits in the magnetic nature of black people, the fact we refer to Africa as the "mother land" and these are to name a few examples. The symbol of Aquarius is a man pouring water out of a pitcher, I would argue it is more fitting to imagine Yemaya rising from the ocean, cleansing the world and revealing a new one.

Pieces include a poem, a video projection and two paintings.

April 2019

uk qtibipoc emergency relief

Virtual rave & fundraiser for UK QTIBIPOC Emergency Relief & Hardship Fund

May 2020

sistah space

 A livestream fundraising event in aid of Sistah Space

"Sistah Space is a London-based charity dedicated to supporting African & Caribbean heritage women and girls affected by domestic and sexual abuse. Now under imminent threat of eviction, Sistah Space is being forced to suspend their essential and life-saving services, or return to unsuitable and unsafe premises by August 31st"

Recorded Live Performances

More about Sistah Space

August 2020