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“Moovement” - A compilation of transcendental invocations. These performances are born out of an interest in the captivating nature of ceremonial dances and ritualistic movements. We invite you to an experience of high resonance and alternative states. To all that witness these gestures, we propose expansion in multiple dimensions.


This is about conjuring




Deepening into

Ones core


Sonic structures

In space

And time





Through Moovement

With music

And without





As a way of breaking down the walls between material and spiritual, we ask that you join us in a ceremonial toast (alcoholic and non-alcoholic options available).


Performances by

Puer Deorum - @puer_deorum

Nwakke - @nwakke

Ijeoma Uzoukwu - @sasoraye

Josh Woolford - @jshwlfrd

Fauci - @error_404_page_not_fauci


DJ Sets


Moovement Flyer.png
Moovement Banner Final.png

“Moovement” is curated by Ijeoma Uzoukwu (Sasoraye) and made possible by curators Ludovica Bulciolu (@ludovica.penelope.bulciolu) and Brenna Horrox (@brennahorrox) who are currently hosting Warm Vessels in

Search of Sunset at Harlesden High School (St Pauls).

Internal energies exist within every object and body; ones we create and ones we seek out. They flow, they move, constantly changing shape and turning into something else. Energies shift into artefacts of human expression, appearing as tools, sculptures, songs and talismans of information.

How does an object come together? Timelines, history, belonging, skills, experience, ancestry, weather, love, beliefs. How does human expression take shape in material form?

This event doubles up as a closing down party for Warm Vessels in Search of Sunset with support by Harlesden High Street & Harlesden High School

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